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Re: Building armel glibc-2.5

On 2007-03-21 12:20 +0300, Alexander Shishkin wrote:
> At least my [slind] arm toolchains do build (and
> produce sane code) with glibc 2.3.6 and even 2.4 (which, however is
> eabi-only from what I discovered some while ago) with gcc-4.1.0. I
> didn't have time to test things with gcc-4.1.2 yet (apart from the
> fact that the toolchain does build ok). I'll be able to work on
> toolchains after a couple of weeks hopefully and I could use some help
> especially if somebody wants to merge our changes back to debian.

Yes, I want to get this merged back into debian, as part of making it
possible to bootstrap a new debian arch without a load of external
tools. At least initially was can have it supported in emdebian
cross-builds. I can help with that.

Can you comment on why stdio-lim.h gets special treatment normally,
but not when doing DEB_CROSS_BOOTSTRAP libc-headers pass and why
rpcsvc needs a load of empty files touching in the debian dir? Both of
these things look a bit hacky and I wonder if there is a better fix
that is more likely to be accepted by the maintainers?

I tried moving the patch forward to glibc2.5 but now I get an infinite
configure loop doing the 'debian fragment', which is probably because
the debian dir in build-tree/glibc-2.5/ points to <current dir> so it
finds the same configure file over and over again until all the memory
is used. I've not yet found where that debian dir is coming from.

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