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Re: dpkg-checkbuilddeps wrapper for dpkg-cross, round 2

On 12/3/06, Neil Williams <linux@codehelp.co.uk> wrote:

Does it have to be a separate file? The installer team have a custom
line in debian/control, maybe we can ask for the same? Or just patch
the existing line?

I seriously doubt we can. We're not installer team, and our needs are
not nearly as important for Debian.

How different are the contents of the two lines, to each other and the
original Build-Depends? How many of those changes are likely to be
relevant upstream?

upstream being what -- a Debian maintainer? None of them, because
Debian builds natively.
The contents is, of course, different, since original Build-Depends
does not make difference between, say, tools that are needed during
the build, and the libraries -- which is exactly what we have to care
about when cross-compiling (think flex and bison VS lib<whatever>).

The alternative is to patch Build-Depends during the (to be written)
emdebian build scripts.

I don't really know what "emdebian build scripts" are going to be, but
dpkg-checkbuilddeps is ran before any single line of rules is

A patch would be included in the .diff.gz - that should be sufficient
because that will be applied before debian/rules is run. Maybe the
emdebian scripts could include a handler that replicates what apt-get
build-dep does, taking into account the changes.

And how are you going to generate those diffs?

(I've yet to decide if *all* debian/patches are to be applied or just
the NN-emdebian-foo.patch files but, currently, emdebian-specific patch
files should be named to indicate this.)

Hm. If you are thinking about this kind of patches, then that won't
work -- they are applied in rules target most of the time.

> introduce YADI (Yet Another Debian Incompatibility) which I'm not that
> happy about.

The patch would only exist in the emdebian repository so that's not a

Every Debian incompatibilty is really a problem, since you have to
maintain it yourself. If this is a patch to dpkg, you have to rebase
it with each dpkg release, etc.

Then we will have our first emdebian package in the
target repository.

The problem is that we do already have around 50 in our target
repository, and now approaching a buildd setup ;)

Regards, Wartan.

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