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dpkg-checkbuilddeps wrapper for dpkg-cross, round 2


As I haven't really seen that much of a reaction last time I've sent
the script, a repost.
Could anyone of dpkg-cross people comment (on the idea itself ;)?
(We even have a bug on that, #384694)

(For those living in the Brave GNU World: "Host" here means "build",
"Target" means "host")

Original e-mail follows <

Recently, while thinking about build-depends problems we are all
familar with, I came up with the following idea: what if all of the
packages we intend to cross-compile would have a special control-like
file in debian/, which would have build-depends in a way we need them,
that is, Host-Build-Depends for those packages that should be present
on host as is (such as flex, bison, whatever), and
Target-Build-Depends for those packages that should be present on host

If we are not cross-compiling, original dpkg-checkbuilddeps might be called.
If we are cross-compiling and the special control-like file is not
found, dpkg-checkbuilddeps might just return with successful return
code -- this situation would mean that there are no special
build-depends (unlikely, yes).

Advantages of this approach are more or less obvious: we remove any
wild guesses from package building tools, and rely the task of
providing correct build-depends on feeble maintainer's shoulders :)

Disadvantages: this is not a real control file. Thus, for example,
those fields will not be present in .dsc, and, as a consequence, all
of the package building tools except those that call
dpkg-checkbuilddeps would not notice those fields (sbuild, apt-get
build-dep, etc.).

Tools that we might need in future (such as sbuild) may be patched to
check this file if they run on an unpacked source (actually, sbuild
already does that, checking debian/.sbuild-build-deps or something
like that), but they would still fail if they run on a packed one with

While this can easily be fixed patching dpkg-dev, I am not sure what
else will break finding unusual fields in .dsc, and this will also
introduce YADI (Yet Another Debian Incompatibility) which I'm not that
happy about.

Attached is a sample implementation of this idea --
dpkg-checkbuilddeps wrapper for dpkg-cross. If you wish to play with
it, do not forget to switch on checkbuilddep in dpkg-buildpackage.orig
for -a* case.

Usage is pretty simple: put a file (currently called "crossbuilddeps")
into debian/ of your package, and fill it with any of the fields
"Host-Build-Depends", "Target-Build-Depends", "Host-Build-Conflicts",
"Target-Build-Conflicts". Please also note that for Target-* you don't
have to append "-<arch>-cross" to package names, as this is done
automagically (at least, it should be ;).

Have fun and let me know what you guys think.

Regards, Wartan.

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