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Re: Announce: Emdebian resources needed [plz review]

On 06-08-02 17:19 +0100, Wookey wrote:
>     I need to inform you that the company currently hosting the
>     Emdebian site will be moving their internet servers. As a result
>     of this move they will not be able to support a dedicated server
>     for Emdebian any longer.
>     Right now, we need to check what are our options and choose the
>     one that best fit us. So i have enabled a wiki page [1] so
>     everybody can tell us what resources can donate or share with
>     Emdebian Team.

The server will be moving on Friday 11th so if we are going to move
the website to a new host then it needs to happen by then.

Can anyone move that fast? Simon?

I suspect not, in which case the website should stay on the current
machine for the time being to avoid downtime.

The wiki page now has details of traffic and CPU info so you can
decide whether hosting emdebian is practical for you.
(500Mhz celeron with 256Mb ram, 7Gb disk space and 1.4Gb/day bandwidth
are the current figures)


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