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Re: Manipulating package dependancies

On 06-07-18 10:45 +0200, Frank Aune wrote:
> Hello,
> Im working on a toolchain for a mipsel system, and Ive got a couple of package 
> dependancy related questions.
> 1. Is there any other way of manipulating a package dependancy, other than 
> messing with the debian/control and debian/control.m4 when packaging the 
> compiled source? 

Not that I am aware of. The control file defines the dependencies.

> Today Im using sed to remove/replace unwanted/unneeded 
> dependencies, and its timeconsuming hunting down dependancies obviously meant 
> for a system default installation - but which are of no interest for my cross 
> toolchain.

If you use the emdebian tools (modified version of debhelper, dpkg
etc) then you can have your own emdebian/control which will take
precedence over the ovriginals if you specify a DEBIAN_DIR=emdebian

This allows you to easily keep modified packagin info. Colelcting such
modifications in the emdebian SVN will save evyone having to do the
same work.

> 2. I know you can force packages under Debian, but apt-get will complain every 
> time again when you run it about unmet dependencies. So basically what Im 
> looking for, is a way to install the package without Debian complaining about 
> dependancies both during install and afterwards. I just want the debian db to 
> keep a record of the installed files for easy maintenance from these special 
> packages.

Are you talking about installing things on the host, rather that the
target? i.e cross tools rather than packages like base-files?

In this case the above suggestion doesn't help much - you want
cross-tools which have the correct dependencies. Can you give examples
of what packages you are having problems with?

The emdebian/slind cross-tools shouldn't have wrong dependecies, and
this is not a problem I've come across. dpkg-cross also removes some
unwanted dependencies when you make packages with it. There may be
problems when building your own cross-tools (because emdebian doesn't
have the ones you want) - if so we need to work out a general way of
dealing with this.

> Regarding 2: I know the reasons/risks/benefits etc of the dependency checking, 
> but this is not an issue here. I just want to install the packages and get 
> apt-get to accept them permanently without complaining each time I run 
> apt-get.

I have run into the problem of installing cross-dev packages in order
to build somethig and apt telling me I need a million other things
(which is wrong - I don't need a compete target sytem, just for
cross-building something). Is this the problem you are referring to? 

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