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Manipulating package dependancies


Im working on a toolchain for a mipsel system, and Ive got a couple of package 
dependancy related questions.

1. Is there any other way of manipulating a package dependancy, other than 
messing with the debian/control and debian/control.m4 when packaging the 
compiled source? Today Im using sed to remove/replace unwanted/unneeded 
dependencies, and its timeconsuming hunting down dependancies obviously meant 
for a system default installation - but which are of no interest for my cross 

2. I know you can force packages under Debian, but apt-get will complain every 
time again when you run it about unmet dependencies. So basically what Im 
looking for, is a way to install the package without Debian complaining about 
dependancies both during install and afterwards. I just want the debian db to 
keep a record of the installed files for easy maintenance from these special 

Regarding 2: I know the reasons/risks/benefits etc of the dependency checking, 
but this is not an issue here. I just want to install the packages and get 
apt-get to accept them permanently without complaining each time I run 

Frank Aune

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