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Re: powerpc slind host

On 6/18/06, Julien <electroacousticien@laposte.net> wrote:

I'm working on a powerpc host. Do I need to do particularly
things to rebuild
(/slind/host/dists/suffolk/main/source/Sources) tools,
especially dpkg, dpkg-dev and dpkg-cross packages, as
mentionned in Slind cross toolchains documentation, for my
host to build toolchains (quite sure that's a very poor
english sentence, sorry)? Do I just need to launch some
apt-buildpackage ? Did I misunderstand something ?
Unlikely that you'll need apt-build(whatever) to rebuild the host part
of slind, considering that it won't be able to compile toolchains
anyway and the rest is not that much. Better rebuild things by hand
with dpkg-buildpackage. Hopefully those won't require any changes to
the sources, although I didn't try it yet.
Please inform us if you succeed or fail to get things working. :)

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