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Re: Debian Mini-distro: how to recompile base-system and remove Java?

On 5/30/06, Chris Boot <bootc@bootc.net> wrote:
On 29 May 2006, at 23:53, Daniel Ruoso wrote:
Yes, I can see that could be handy. I'm guessing SLIND is based on
No, it is based on testing/unstable. Host part is mostly sarge (it was
in the 0.1 prerelease, now most of it is sid).

Well ideally I'd like to have a complete system with the bare minimum
number of patches required to make packages build & work on uclibc.
Removing Java was an idea for a short-cut to get to that stage.
What does Java have to do with compiling packages?

Once again this is just a shortcut to get build-dependencies out of
the way first. Once most of the packages are present this would be
rebuilt to be the full package.
Once you want the build-dependencies back, I tell you, it will be a
pain you-know-where to put them in correct shape. And this is going to
happen once you get to the point of compinig X11 stuff and glib/gtk.

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