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Re: Debian Mini-distro: how to recompile base-system and remove Java?

On 29 May 2006, at 23:53, Daniel Ruoso wrote:

Em Seg, 2006-05-29 às 22:08 +0100, Chris Boot escreveu:
SLIND sounds interesting indeed, I've been using a buildroot-built
system for mine so it was difficult getting dpkg built in the first
place, but I've got it mostly all going. All the arch-independent
packages help a lot too.

In fact, I want it to work as a native debian system. This way,
buildroot causes a lot of problems (I think that's the motivation behind
SLIND). And they already have a binary base system which is a hell lot
of work already done... Mixing this with dpkg-cross, well... it's
perfect :)

So do I! I'm just using buildroot as a short-cut towards getting a basic debian base going. I know it's probably the wrong thing to do but it seemed a good idea at the time.

The challange is to compile the other packages that compose the
build-essential package list. With that, in theory, you can setup a
That's what I'm aiming for as well, but unfortunately there's a hell
of a lot of dependencies in all that lot!

That's where SLIND helps more... the base system is already built.

Yes, I can see that could be handy. I'm guessing SLIND is based on woody?

There seem to be ways to build a minimal gcc built into the build
scripts, but I can't seem to be able to trigger these to successfully
build a compiler. It keeps dying with:

I think it's possible to just use dpkg-buildpackage -auclibc-i386 and
get a functional package (after some changes, probably)... I'm trying to
stay as close as I can from the stock debian packages.

Well ideally I'd like to have a complete system with the bare minimum number of patches required to make packages build & work on uclibc. Removing Java was an idea for a short-cut to get to that stage.

* libgdbm3
* libdb4.2 (I'm very near on finishing this one)
* perl (which depends on the two libs above)
I've built perl without having either of the two prerequisites
installed, works for most things and satisfies lots of dependencies! :-)

As I said, I aim to have a standard debian machine, so I do want to deal
with the dependencies correctly to have a real package.

Once again this is just a shortcut to get build-dependencies out of the way first. Once most of the packages are present this would be rebuilt to be the full package.

Maybe we could join forces to speed things along?

Sure... Actually, I think we should both join forces to emdebian, which
is doing a great job...

I've joined #emdebian on IRC but there's not a lot of activity. Sounds like a good idea though, and sounds like they could do with a hand.

What I do think it would be really nice is to have a "contrib-builds"
SLIND repository (like backports do). This would make things easier for
sharing this effort.

Many thanks,

Chris Boot

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