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Re: Debian Mini-distro: how to recompile base-system and remove Java?

Em Seg, 2006-05-29 às 22:08 +0100, Chris Boot escreveu:
> SLIND sounds interesting indeed, I've been using a buildroot-built  
> system for mine so it was difficult getting dpkg built in the first  
> place, but I've got it mostly all going. All the arch-independent  
> packages help a lot too.

In fact, I want it to work as a native debian system. This way,
buildroot causes a lot of problems (I think that's the motivation behind
SLIND). And they already have a binary base system which is a hell lot
of work already done... Mixing this with dpkg-cross, well... it's
perfect :) 

> > The challange is to compile the other packages that compose the
> > build-essential package list. With that, in theory, you can setup a
> > buildd.
> That's what I'm aiming for as well, but unfortunately there's a hell  
> of a lot of dependencies in all that lot!

That's where SLIND helps more... the base system is already built.

> There seem to be ways to build a minimal gcc built into the build  
> scripts, but I can't seem to be able to trigger these to successfully  
> build a compiler. It keeps dying with:

I think it's possible to just use dpkg-buildpackage -auclibc-i386 and
get a functional package (after some changes, probably)... I'm trying to
stay as close as I can from the stock debian packages.

> > * libgdbm3
> > * libdb4.2 (I'm very near on finishing this one)
> > * perl (which depends on the two libs above)
> I've built perl without having either of the two prerequisites  
> installed, works for most things and satisfies lots of dependencies! :-)

As I said, I aim to have a standard debian machine, so I do want to deal
with the dependencies correctly to have a real package.

> Maybe we could join forces to speed things along?

Sure... Actually, I think we should both join forces to emdebian, which
is doing a great job...

What I do think it would be really nice is to have a "contrib-builds"
SLIND repository (like backports do). This would make things easier for
sharing this effort.


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