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Re: Debian cross infrastructure maintenance proposal


  Somehow, I miss an improtant step of getting Debian packages
cross-compiled on Debian. Current state of affairs is that they

1. require patching to cross-compile cleanly (--host, --build etc).

   that's the way I am currently exploring for *-uclibc, arm-eabi 

2. require a solution like scratchbox to create an emulation
   environment for the --host target on the --build host

   in this case, scratchbox would need to be in Debian I think

 Maybe, we also would like to get sbuild cross-working with all
interesting architectures so that the chances of merging are 

Pjotr Kourzanov

P.S. Here's my list of new architectures added to dpkg{-cross}:


arm-eabi is probably going to become armel in the near future...

On Mon, Apr 17, 2006 at 04:26:15PM +0400, Wartan Hachaturow wrote:
> Hello.
> This is a short proposal regarding establishing of a Debian Cross
> Interest Group -- a team of maintainers tracking all of the packages
> (or parts of packages) relevant for cross-compilation procedures on
> Debian systems (and for Debian systems).
> List of packages to maintain
> ------------------------------------
> 1. binutils
>    Here, we have to maintain a patch by yoush that adds an option to
> build cross binutils, suitable for use together with cross gcc. It is
> not clear whether binutils maintainers would like to include it in the
> package -- at least, we have to maintain the patch against the most
> recent version (in the buglog of appropriate whishlist item).
> 2. gcc
>    Here, we have to maintain patches against gcc source package,
> which add the ability to produce cross-compilers out of Debian gcc.
> Currently, patches exist against all major versions of gcc in Debian.
> Our task is to keep track of gcc package development and update these
> patches accordingly, collaborating with debian-gcc team.
> 3. dpkg-cross
>   Here, we have to maintain and develop dpkg-cross itself and its package.
> Optional: dpkg
>   We might step into trouble involved in pushing our ideas regarding
> additional architectures to dpkg :)
> Plus, of course, all relevant READMEs and documentation.
> How are we going to do that?
> -------------------------------------
> debian-embedded@l.d.o (or should we ask for a new list, specifically for that?)
> is going to be in Maintainer: field of dpkg-cross, and in various documentation
> bits (plus, of course, particular members in Uploaders, where relevant).
> Who's involved?
> --------------------
> Nikita V. Youshchenko <yoush@debian.org>
> Alexander Shishckin <alexander.shishckin@gmail.com>
> Raphael Bossek <bossekr@debian.org>
> Wartan Hachaturow <wart@debian.org>
> Preliminary TODO
> -------
> 1. Check relevance of the current patches against binutils and gcc, update
> if needed, announcing changes to the structure to debian-gcc.
> 2. Merge patches to dpkg-cross (apt-build support, additional arches),
> test, upload.
> 3. Revise documentation for dpkg-cross and gcc's cross part.
> 4. Check and test additional patches to the abovementioned packages
> coming from Slind, propose for inclusion, if found interesting.
> 5. Create wiki page for discussions and stuff.
> So, this is it, shortly.
> Discussion, ideas and volunteers welcome.
> --
> Regards, Wartan.

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