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Re: Debian cross infrastructure maintenance proposal

On Mon, Apr 17, 2006 at 04:58:15PM +0400, Alexander Shishckin wrote:
> > 3. dpkg-cross
> >   Here, we have to maintain and develop dpkg-cross itself and its package.
> >
> > Optional: dpkg
> >   We might step into trouble involved in pushing our ideas regarding
> > additional architectures to dpkg :)

Yeap. I proposed some solutions to that problem, but sadly didn't
get any reply yet.

> > How are we going to do that?
> > -------------------------------------
> > debian-embedded@l.d.o (or should we ask for a new list, specifically for that?)
> No more lists, I implore. This list is rather silent anyway and I
> don't see why we should move cross-compilation topic out of here.

I agree. Also, Nikita's documentation entries of dpkg-cross point to
debian-embedded@l.d.o, so it's a de-facto starting point for every new
voluteer who has tried dpkg-cross.

> > 2. Merge patches to dpkg-cross (apt-build support, additional arches),
> > test, upload.

I also proposed some patches for dpkg-cross, and some general thoughts
about architectures, especially about the conflict between the internal
dpkg-cross tables and the dpkg-architecture tables.

I'm working on w32 cross compiling.

Sadly, Nikita was the only person who responded to my proposals in that

> > 3. Revise documentation for dpkg-cross and gcc's cross part.
> Hmm. Is there any?

I'd like to write one, integrating it into my current documentation at:


    (already mentioned in the other thread)

However, first I need to understand it myself, which isn't possible
without answers to my mails.

> > 5. Create wiki page for discussions and stuff.
> I'd ask Hector if he has time.

I don't think that a wiki is good for discussions. For that purpose,
mailing lists are very practical.

Maybe you mean decisions and summaries instead?



Volker Grabsch
NotJustHosting GbR

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