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Re: Debian cross infrastructure maintenance proposal

On 4/17/06, Volker Grabsch <vog@notjusthosting.com> wrote:
> > >   We might step into trouble involved in pushing our ideas regarding
> > > additional architectures to dpkg :)
> Yeap. I proposed some solutions to that problem, but sadly didn't
> get any reply yet.
That's not easy when it comes to modifying dpkg in any way.

> > > 2. Merge patches to dpkg-cross (apt-build support, additional arches),
> > > test, upload.
> I also proposed some patches for dpkg-cross, and some general thoughts
> about architectures, especially about the conflict between the internal
> dpkg-cross tables and the dpkg-architecture tables.
> I'm working on w32 cross compiling.
> Sadly, Nikita was the only person who responded to my proposals in that
> thread.
Not to worry, it's just that your mails were sent while most of us
were at an embedded debian worksession, so we were rather busy with
lots of other ideas and stuff. I personally have all your mails
starred, so I'll promise to react soon. :)

> > > 3. Revise documentation for dpkg-cross and gcc's cross part.
> > Hmm. Is there any?
> I'd like to write one, integrating it into my current documentation at:
>     https://dev.njh6.de/wiki/index.php/Cross_Compiling_for_Win32
>     (already mentioned in the other thread)
Will check this one today.

> However, first I need to understand it myself, which isn't possible
> without answers to my mails.
> > > 5. Create wiki page for discussions and stuff.
> > I'd ask Hector if he has time.
> I don't think that a wiki is good for discussions. For that purpose,
> mailing lists are very practical.
Wartan meant: "to reflect current state of things", you misread him. :)

> Maybe you mean decisions and summaries instead?
That indeed.

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