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IO idea?

I thought maybe (or maybe not) someone can offer some idea/pointers for this task I've put myself through.

I've receiving some messages through a serial port and the entire message maybe broken up in as much as three transfers. In this message is a series of commands and the response to each command muct be sent in one message back to the sender.
Hence, as I do each command I add them to a buffer and write the entire buffer when all the commands are processed.
What's my problem?
Well, first I allocated some memory to place all results and add them as they complete.
When I use the write function to write this buffer to the IO, I need to keep track of where the end of the buffer is or terminate with a null and write a routine to add results at the terminating character.
All this seem to be slow to me and I'm trying to see what better way is there so I can do this more effeciently and faster.

Any Thoughts?

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