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Re: Update toolchain build document

> > > I'd like to setup dpkg-cross for building to a i486 target.  No
> > > binaries exist so I'm left with building my own.  I'm using a
> > > current Debian/testing setup.
> >
> > I *still* can't find time to update cross-toolchain for post-sarge
> > things. Sorry for that :(.
> > For now, please try sarge versions. It should work on debian testing.
> What's involved in the update?  Can I help?  It seems like its mostly
> there.  I can probally fix up the bintuils patch.

Currently dpkg-cross is more-or-less ready.
I've also updated binutils patch (currently it's only at my site, 
http://zigzag.lvk.cs.msu.su/~nikita/debian/cross-patches/) - although it 
does not build for mips and mipsel targets; but it's not cross-secific 
problem, native packages also currently don't build on these archs).

Gcc 4.0 is the next step ...


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