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Update toolchain build document

I'd like to setup dpkg-cross for building to a i486 target.  No
binaries exist so I'm left with building my own.  I'm using a current
Debian/testing setup.

I started following the instructions on the wiki for building a
toolchain.  I'm not new to building toolchains but I thought that I
would follow the instructions and provide feedback.

Lots of bitrot in those instructions most of the bitrot is just due to
the movement of debian and expected but I stopped when trying to apply
the most recient binutils patch from bugs.debian.org


If I apply this patch I get rejected hunks and and attempt to create
debian/rules.orig as a result but of it already exists.

So the wiki instructions appear to be somewhat broken.

Should I provide an update to the instructions? or is there a
different method for building Debian cross toolchains.

Richard A. Smith

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