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Re: Bug#336080: dpkg-cross: Please add big-endian arm (armeb) support

> Main thing wookey encountered at Debconf was that packages don't pass
> --host=arch-linux --build=arch-linux ... flags to the autotools inside
> in the package.

I don't thing it's that big problem.
Just an easy-to-fix bug that should be reported against affected packages.
Btw, dh_make generates debian/rules with *correct* (i.e. 
cross-compile-friendly) call to ./configure.

> > - some sort of framework that will scan debian packages and find vars
> > that should be defined
> Well I actually wonder which vars you have in mind here. Could you
> elaborate?

While running, configure script (generated by autoconf) performs different 
tests. Many of those try to compile, or compile and link, or compile and 
link and evecure a tiny program. For obvious reasons, execution is not 
possible if cross-compiling.
Autoconf has support for pre-setting the results of the tests (by 
pre-setting appropriate shell vars). Config.cache works this way; also 
it's possible to preset vars in a 'site config' script. Dpkg-cross uses 
this way to pre-set results of tests that require execution. To do so, it 
provides a set of cross-config.$(arch) files, and sets CONFIG_SITE 
environment variable to point to one of those files.

However, current contents of these files is somewhat messy. I'd like to see 
some systematization there.


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