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Re: Cross-libtool?

+++ Phil Endecott [05-09-22 19:34 +0100]:
> Timo Savola wrote:
> >>We've faced this same problem with Scratchbox, and solved it by building
> >>(read: configuring) libtool with/for each toolchain separately.
> >
> >If you have trouble, you can look here for hints:
> >http://scratchbox.org/cgi-bin/darcsweb.cgi?r=sb-toolchains;a=headblob;f=/autotools/libtool/Makefile
> Hi Timo, thanks for the info.
> As far as I can see you are configuring libtool as if you were going to 
> cross-compile it, and then hacking it to set CC back to the native compiler.
> So it looks like there is no real support for cross-compiling using 
> libtool, either in the original libtool source or the Debian package. 
> Since this is my own code and the Makefile is not complicated I think 
> I'll just drop libtool and link by calling the cross tools explicitly.

The open embedded people managed to get libtool to do the right thing in a
cross environment. Looking at their methods might be informative. So far as
I can tell they just did it by ensuring paths always pointed to the right
place and having a copy of the libs and pkgconfig file for the target
environment as well as the build environment and making sure the right one
was referred-to everywhere.

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