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Emdebian Webpage


   Webpage status:

     Emdebian webpage it's been updated, also at
http://www.emdebian.org/docs.html you have the repository for the
toolchains. For now we new to do some changes on emdebian.org making
twiki writable and configuring apache2 file config, but i can't get a
hold of wookey because he is out on vacations, i hope he comes back
soon and make all the things to work properly.

      Please, i'd like to know would you don't like or what would you
add to the website, please tell me and i'll do so (whenever i have the
time, because i get to internet once in a while at summer time)

       For know what we have is a toolchain to work thanks to Nikita
and stag system (more or less working) thanks to Philippe. We need to
build embedded packages for a minimal embedded system,
http://linuxupc.upc.es/~hecormar/emdebian-workshop-050711.txt these
are some notes on embedded workshop at debconf5. For now we have been
discussing on modifying dpkg tools as stag systems aims, and we
probably continue in this way.

      Also there is an awesome platform to test and play called
scratchbox, most of you already now, Philippe is trying to do a debian
devkit for it, if you like to test it:
Also Timo Savola, scratchbox developer has a nive script to try out
called crocodile:

But all this is with playing/testing purposes.

Please correct me if i have say something incorrect and please i'd
like your advice on emdebian.org website.


  Héctor Orón a.k.a. "zumbi"

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