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Re: chroot setup howto

> What are you using? Which distro? And where did you get the sources?
> Because I know for sure that Nikita who did the toolchains that are on
> our website tested them all. Even alpha to i386 compilers... so I guess
> you are using something else

Host distro is Debian Sarge.  The (toolchain) sources came from the Debian 
distro tree, as per normal.  Specifically:
deb http://mirrors.usc.edu/pub/linux/distributions/debian sarge main

> It seems that there is a problem with the kernel headers.
> And  ../../src/gcc/config/rs6000/ is a very strange include path.

Yes, as is x86_64 in the i486 compile.  Kernel headers are the standard stock 
headers from the Debian tree, specifically:

Carl Cook

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