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Re: chroot setup howto

On Sat, 2005-01-29 at 17:59 -0600, Quantum Scientific wrote:
> > I don't even know whether this would get me to an EmDebian filesystem.
> Well not really, scratchbox =3D/=3D EmDebian... Personally I have no
> experience with scratchbox, but if I remember correctly ARM works best
> because they use Qemu to replace hardware, and the ARM support is at is
> best in that part of it. I also don't think it was designed to do
> "native" compiling.


I am not saying *Scratchbox* is failing to install.  That went in perfectly, 
and with several toolchains.  I had a blank filesystem ready-to-go with i386 
compile tools, however I do not know how to proceed installing EmDebian, and 
no one here was able to advise.  I know several others here are in the same 
boat, and are hoping that I get an answer so they can use EmDebian too.

I am saying that I then resorted to installing your preferred Cross-Compile 
Environment, in hopes of ascertaining how to install EmDebian, except it 
fails installing every toolchain except ARM, with the error I posted.  At the 
moment I must have the i486 toolchain.  It is busted.  And I do not even know 
whether installing your preferred cross-compile environment will lead me to 
the way to set up EmDebian.  But this is the method I chose to try and figure 
out how to install EmDebian, since no one here has been able or willing to 

> > I guess this project is just not ready.
> There are no ready made easy to use projects yet. It is starting out to
> become better... EmDebian is another idea... Still in development, we
> already have good toolchains, and a collection of knowledge, the main
> developers are working on it but because we are slightly overloaded with
> work it does not go as fast as we would like.

I am not hoping for a ready-made project!  But I need some means to divine how 
to install the distro.  I can't read minds.  The Wiki, assuming it has this 
setup info, is a confused jumble and makes little sense to an educated 
newcomer.   And almost none of my questions have been answered here.

To quote another poster here today, "Please feel free to add this to the wiki 
(i won't do it)."   WTF is that?

EmDebian is inaccessible, since your "collection of knowledge" is being kept a 
secret for some reason.  If it's a club, or a priesthood, fsck that, I 
understand and will get lost.  I hate that attitude;  people like that are 
assholes and do nothing but harm the open-source movement.  But if someone 
can understand what I am talking about and is willing to help, I'm willing to 

Carl Cook

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