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Re: About Debian bug 246061, suppress environment variable

> I think to add one more statement that, when executed, will unset
Ok. So it will be possible to unsed everywhere and the line number/position
of the unset statement will decide based on the sequencial parsing of the
configuration file.

> What do you think of idea of making everything explicit (that means, no 
> implicit variable settings at all)?
I would not be happy about this. Until bug 246061 dpkg-cross uses the
default approach and suite most of Makefiles. Changing that would lead to a
extensive configuration process not required today. It should be the default
to set the common used variables to confront the default.

> This will break compatability, but we may warn loudly pointing user to 
> NEWS.Debian if some important variable (such as CC) is not set.
The advantage of using dpkg-buildpackage -a<arch> would be reduced to a
subset of creating the *.changes and *.dsc files. That is not really helpful
in my point of view.

> I also thing that "base" variables (crossdir, crossprefix, etc) should 
> depend at least on mode component of mode/package/scope.
Yes, I approve this and would like to see a change here. This would make the
mode feature of dpkg-buildpackage -M<mode> more flexible and useful.

> This is needed, for example, to make it possible to intruduce a mode for
> uclibc builds and a mode for glibc builds.
For me, it would be possible to switch between different compiler suites.

Raphael Bossek

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