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Re: Hi, and embedded routers

busybox is by it's very nature something that you would want to recompile to make sure you have only those things that you need, no?

Another thing that is in my mind with regards to an embedded Debian system is: how to keep my customized version in sync with new debian packages? Of course, at a certain point, you're likely to just grab certain versions and stick with them, at some point in the future you may wish to update, and at that point you need to keep track of and merge your changes.

I think a good embedded system based on Debian would take this need to recompile into account. From the web site and docs, I don't really know what emdebian does, if anything.

Well Emdebian does :-) The normal Debian source packages and building tools are
redesigned to accept information needed for cross-compilation. And of course if
available there are configuration options (the user can choose to use the
defaults and compile away or having the extra configuration step if necessary).
The idea is to have decent cross-compilable source packages, which you can build
 (and as such cross-compile) with the "normal" Debian tools. Of course also
support for different libraries is included.

Also look at buildd.emdebian.org and stag.mind.be for more info. The main
emdebian page is not updated yet.

I looked at those... I don't know, there is something that doesn't convince me a lot. It seems like you have to do an awful lot of little steps by hand. Almost to the point where one begins to wonder what the point is, and why one isn't just compiling by hand... I'm sorry I can't be more specific, but it's just a general feeling I get from looking at the stag docs. Maybe it would all seem much clearer were I able to look over your shoulder.

David N. Welton

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