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Re: Hello and some toolchain questions

On Fri, 2004-07-09 at 16:24, Nikita V. Youshchenko wrote:

> Shouldn't we have some sort of coordination on debian cross-toolchain 
> related works?

Probably, but these are really quite minor patches.

> It's great that different people contribute and bugs are getting fixed, I 
> really appreciate bug fixes. However, I'm a bit worried that README.cross 
> was patched to recommend a new tool (crosshurd) to create the build 
> environment. AFAIK until this moment we preferred dpkg-cross ...

crosshurd and dpkg-cross do not conflict.  crosshurd is a cross-arch
debootstrap.  It will eventually be integrated into debootstrap.

> IMHO we should define a common policy, which tools we are going to use and 
> why, and which debs we wish to provide and why (which host-target 
> combinations, which gcc versions, which libc variants, etc), and how this 
> corresponds to other build systems such as OpenEmbedded.

Concur.  I think the biggest barrier to this right now is sane
integration into the binutils package.  Once we have that maintainer in
agreement, we'll have the solution for at least all Debian arch's.

What I added with the --with-sysroot support will help embedded folks,
too, though.

Jeff Bailey

I never know what to expect when you respond to my postings. No insult
intended, you are merely a surprise :)
 - Carlos O'Donnell

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