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Re: dpkg-cross

> /bin/sh ../../binutils/../ylwrap "" ../../binutils/arparse.y y.tab.c
> arparse.c y.tab.h arparse.h --  -d ../../binutils/../ylwrap: line 86: -d:
> command not found make[4]: *** [arparse.c] Error 1
> make[4]: Leaving directory

Looks that you don't have bison installed on that system.
Bison is in build-depends of binutils, but build-depends is not checked when
debian/rules binary-cross is executed.
If you have bison installed, please check configure.log to find out why it
was not detected and passed to appropriate Makefile.

> And whilst I can see that the 'mode' scheme in dpkg-buildpackage gives the
> same (better in fact) functionality as in the emdebian version, I don't
> see how your new dpkg-shlibdeps replaces the necessary code in the
> emdebian version. Am I failing to understand the versatility of your
> scheme, or do we need to merge this somehow?

I just forgot about dpkg-shlibdeps :).

> It could be passed these things as options, but I don't know whether it
> always will be when it is invoked.

'man dpkg-shlibdeps' is your friend :).
dpkg-shlibdeps -Lemdebian/shlibs.local -Temdebian/substvars

However, this may be inconvinient to add those paramenets in emdebian/rules
of almost all packages. If you think so, we may (for example) make
dpkg-cross version of dpkg-shlibdeps to honour $shlibslocalfile and
$substvarsfile environment variables if those are set; later you may set
those in 'mode emdebian: scope environment:' part
of /etc/dpkg/cross-compile/


It woul be nice if you'll CC: yoush replies to my e-mail :).

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