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Re: dpkg-cross

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> +++ Nikita V. Youshchenko [04-06-03 23:02 +0400]:
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> > I've read somewhere in debian mailing lists archives that debian won't
> > enable cross development tools build, because there are too many
> > combinations, most of them are not needed by anybody, and buildd power
> > is not infinite.
> Which is fair enough, but it does make sense for emdebian to provide
> them because nearly everyone here needs such tools.

I forgot to mention in the previous mail that I never objected against 
providing repository with cros-compiler stuff.
Just the opposite :). I think a cron script should be running somewhere 
that detects new versions of gcc-*/binutils/glibc/linux-kernel-headers in 
the debian archive, and re-builds cross debs :).

> > Please do either maintainer or non-maintainer upload of my version.
> Who's doing what here? Dave - is it under control? Is anyone expecting
> me to upload this as an NMU (I'm happy to do that)?

David created an project on alioth for dpkg-cross; I'm listed as a 
developer there, and my fixes ore already in alioth CVS.

I don't know about upload though.

Unfortunately I've found a bug in dpkg-cross -b, that affects 
linux-kernel-headers at least for arm target. It does not preserve 
symlinks that point to directories containing headers. So asm/arch is not 
there in linux-kernel-headers-arm-cross; this causes problems because 
#include <asm/arch/...> is often used in kernel headers included from user 
The problem is that this bug can't be fixed within approach how dpkg-cross 
- -b currently works. Currently, dpkg-cross first analyses contents of a 
package by parsing the output of dpkg-dev --sys-tarfile | tar tf -, and 
then extracts only needed files. Symlinks can't be analysed or even 
detected this way.

I'm currently in process of re-implementing dpkg-cross -b procedure, such 
that it first completely unpacks a package to a temporary directory, then 
analyses the resulting directory tree and creates the tree for the 
destination package. I've already found that things can be done much 
cleaner this way. I expect this work to be finished in a day or two 
(currently it's about 50% complete).
Probably both upload of new dpkg-cross to debian and any announces of 
cross-debs repository should be delayed until this is ready.

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