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London 2004 LUDE show report

Emdebian was at the London Linux User and Developer show in force, with the
very first 'offical, pure' emdebian system on demo.

I, Philippe de Swert, Peter Naulls (also being Debian/arm), Justin Cormack,
Jon Masters and (hiding on the Debian Stand) Vince Sanders and Gavin Simpson
turned up and showed off a range of toys - mostly arm machines (about 9 of
those) and one powerpc405 box. We even had some relatively flashy fliers -
I'll put the Openoffice doc online for others to use as a template for shows.

The show wasn't massively well attended but most of those who were there had
a genuine interest in some aspect or other. There was a lot of support for
what we are trying to do, which I found encouraging, and it's good that
Philippe's stuff has (just about) reached the stage that you can build real
systems with it (see the stag site).

At the meal afterwards we had another go over the issues that have come up
in disucssion and on this list and worked out satisfactory answers to enough
things to carry on developing things along the stag lines.

We'll stick up a wiki soon for people to list initial packages for
conversion, and put up the long-promised docs on how to do conversions.

As ever it was good to meet up with the usual suspects and to get some
feedback from the real world. Particular thanks to Philippe for making the
effort to come from Belgium (making for 39-hour days).

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