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Re: circular dependencies in debian -> impact on emdebian

Quoting a lot of people: 
> > > Other point: Many people use CDBS nowadays, so that rules is often 
> > > only three lines.  Maybe one could add emdebian support to CDBS? 
> > > One could have a special class for embedian which e.g. removes 
I have taken a quick look at it and it seems quite extensible and it works in more or less 
the same way as a standard rules file so the work I have already done in that area could 
be re-implemented here. 
> > Would this strategy avoid the need for a modified copy of the rules files  
> >                                                   ^^^^ 
> > in a separate emdebian directory ?  
The advantage is that we can add all our stuff in such a dir, without annoying the regular 
Debian crowd. Fact is that we only need a slightly different rules and control file. The rest 
can just be symlinked or not used. And rules/control files don't really change often so 
once you got it in it should work for a whole time. But indeed a slightly different copy has 
also his drawbacks. 
> I don't know.  Maybe a debian/rules like this would work? 
> #!/usr/bin/make -f 
> ifdef EMDEBIAN 
> include /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/emdebhelper.mk 
> else 
> include /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/debhelper.mk 
> endif 
> include /usr/share/cdbs/1/class/makefile.mk 
> With emdebhelper.mk TBD.  Better alternative: Add useful 
> commands to the debhelper.mk, for the case if EMBEDIAN is 
> defined. 
I'll check this out. It seems to be a sound idea also. I had not looked in cdbs earlier so 
splitting up the rules file seemed easier then. I do believe however that a seperate 
emdebhelper.mk is better. For the maintainablity of both files. The risk of breaking things 
in the emdebian or debian system is also smaller.  
Anyway we also need changes to the control file. We need to use another naming 
scheme, just to keep Debian and Emdebian packages apart. Also the dependencies will be 
different for an Emdebian or Debian package. (Will certainely happen if we start splitting 
up libraries to gain space. Who needs libcrypt or similar on his system if he has no 
application which uses it?) 
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