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Re: developer wiki for todo-list etc...

Wookey <wookey@aleph1.co.uk> [040401]:
> +++ Philippe De Swert [04-03-30 02:07 +0200]:
> > Hello everybody, 
> >  
> > I was recently browsing the emdebian website and I wondered if a wiki wouldn't 
> > be useful. Especially for things that should be changed quite often or where 
> > user-feedback could be handy. The todo-list is already such a thing, 
> > eventually a small documentation/ FAQ wiki,... As I do not have any experience 
> > with (nor the resources) setting up one, I wondered if somebody did.I'm 
> > willing to help where possible. If of course this seems to be a good idea. 
> > Other questions do also pop up, like should it be editable by anyone or just 
> > developers? ... 
> Frank oringially installed Twiki on the website for the reasons given, but
> Sourceforge managed to lose it and revert us to a very old config, so I
> binned it in the recent tidy-up. Wiki's are handy but are prone to turning
> into a confusing pile of ill-maintained stuff if no-one looks after the
> content. Still, as you say it could be rather useful for getting simple
> contributions from people.
> Currently anyone who is a developer can modify the website by checking out
> the 'website' module from CVS and then checking their changes back in. Then
> it needs running though WML to make the changes visible. WML is not on
> sourceforge so I do that locally and run a script to scp the site to
> sourceforge. Having a local script and WML copy to prod would make life
> easier.
> This isn't as convenient as a Wiki, but it produces a rather more pleasing
> website. Updates are encouraged.
> I'm not sure if you need to have admin priviledges to install Twiki on our
> bit of the website, but if anyone is enthused I'm happy to give them the
> necessary priviledges.

I will try to install moin on an account sourceforge, I will keep you
informed if it's successful.

Wiki is a very good way to let anyone contribute, not only developpers.

Benjamin Henrion <bh@udev.org>

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