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Re: developer wiki for todo-list etc...

+++ Henrion Benjamin [04-03-30 09:16 +0200]:
> Go ssh on sourceforge. There's a wiki moin installed into the omniorb
> directory. Just copy it to a dir, and then clean the db of Moin.
> I can setup a CSS with colors of debian (can be nicer then the
> traditional Moin).
> > willing to help where possible. If of course this seems to be a good idea. 
> > Other questions do also pop up, like should it be editable by anyone or just 
> > developers? ... 
> I can do it, but I need to be added on the developpers on sf. I think
> the website is hosted at sf.

OK. You appear to be 'zoobab', so I've added you. Hassle me if you need more

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