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Re: developer wiki for todo-list etc...

+++ Philippe De Swert [04-03-30 02:07 +0200]:
> Hello everybody, 
> I was recently browsing the emdebian website and I wondered if a wiki wouldn't 
> be useful. Especially for things that should be changed quite often or where 
> user-feedback could be handy. The todo-list is already such a thing, 
> eventually a small documentation/ FAQ wiki,... As I do not have any experience 
> with (nor the resources) setting up one, I wondered if somebody did.I'm 
> willing to help where possible. If of course this seems to be a good idea. 
> Other questions do also pop up, like should it be editable by anyone or just 
> developers? ... 

Frank oringially installed Twiki on the website for the reasons given, but
Sourceforge managed to lose it and revert us to a very old config, so I
binned it in the recent tidy-up. Wiki's are handy but are prone to turning
into a confusing pile of ill-maintained stuff if no-one looks after the
content. Still, as you say it could be rather useful for getting simple
contributions from people.

Currently anyone who is a developer can modify the website by checking out
the 'website' module from CVS and then checking their changes back in. Then
it needs running though WML to make the changes visible. WML is not on
sourceforge so I do that locally and run a script to scp the site to
sourceforge. Having a local script and WML copy to prod would make life

This isn't as convenient as a Wiki, but it produces a rather more pleasing
website. Updates are encouraged.

I'm not sure if you need to have admin priviledges to install Twiki on our
bit of the website, but if anyone is enthused I'm happy to give them the
necessary priviledges.

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