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How much space do we need for build machine?

OK, Paul Hedderley started setting up a build machine for emdebian to use
for runnning buildds, plugging in scratchbox hardware and as an archive of
our resulting distro(s).

But he needs to know how much space to allocate for the build machine and
archive machine. (they may actually be UML instances).

I don't really have a good feel for this. So, anyone care to say how much
RAM and disk a buildd needs, and how much archive we need?

I guessed 64MB RAM, 3GB for a buildd (more RAM is good of course)
and 'at least 3 arches-worth' of archive space: because were only going to
be doing about 3 arches for now (i386, arm, powerpc, maybe mips if anyone
gets enthused), and we're not going to be doing all the packages in Debian,
and ours should be significantly smaller anyway, so that's probably space
for 6 arches.

But how big is one arch in the archive these days?
(cc:ed to steve mac, who'll probably know)

Approximations are fine - just some numbers to give paul.

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