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Re: some thoughts (scratchbox, emdebian/rules)

Philippe De Swert wrote:
Recently there was a discussion about using scratchbox to do the building for
the mini-debian part of the emdebian project. (See
 for reference). Since I have now had the time to look into it I have a few

1. It's apparently a fine system (I should try it once)
2. Unfortunately it seems quite complex to set up (however with decent packages it
   should be less of a problem)
3. The major drawback is the need for a working (target)-board. This is not very
   very useful when doing development for a new platform, and some boards do not
   have the resources to run the whole environment

Because of these reasons I would keep it for difficult and not to common software.
Like for example X (with the mini-debian this could be used more often, but for
the typical embedded application this is not commonly used). I would try to make
as much workarounds as possible in the rules file (makefile for debian source
package) as these work-around would remain valid for quite a while, and makes
rebuilding by developer easier.

I agree.  Let's try to, over time, get rid of the need for scratchbox.

By the way, I don't think you really need it to compile X;
I seem to recall the ptxdist folks have a way of cross-compiling that
- Dan

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