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Re: an approach for the mini-debian distribution

+++ Philippe De Swert [04-01-16 20:52 +0100]:
> Hello, 
> To fuel the discussion we had lately about how we should approach building a new mini-debian 
> I have put online some of the work I did in that direction for my master thesis. 
> http://users.pandora.be/stag 
> However as I aimed it to be used on really small systems (I am more or less on the embedsys 
> terrain), I use several principles we more or less discussed. I came up with my own naming 
> scheme, but everything can still be adapted. All remarks are welcome (as I have at least still 3 
> 1/2 months time before I have to submit it, and so I will also work hard on it for at least that 
> period of time.) 

Thanx for that Philippe. I'll have a proper read shortly.

Looks like we'll get to meet at Fosdem. It would be good to discuss this
stuff some more. Anyone else on this list going to be there?

So we now have somewhere between 3 and 4 schemes for building small debian
systems. Maybe Embedded Debian should just be an agnostic breeding ground
for different schemes? (I don't actually think that would be the most
effective use of our time, but it's an interesting idea :-)

BTW. I got the new emdebian WML site working this morning. Most of its links
are broken right now but the structure and content is all there (on my
laptop). I'll put it in CVS on sourceforge imminently.

As soon as I've fixed the links it can become the real site and there will
be somewhere to put all the useful info we are generating.

It's now there as http://emdebian.sourceforge.net/newsite/ but please just
comment on the content - I know all the nav is broken :-)

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