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Re: embedded debian package management

Wookey wrote:
I'd like to see that. I've been doing a lot of messing about with
toolchains at the moment trying to get a nice  gcc-arm-linux package for
debian, and talking to people about debian policy for cross-compilers so
there is consistency across achitectures. I looked at several people's
scripts to see which options and runes were generally agreed upon for
various purposes. I'd be interested in your opinoins, especially for
non-ARM stuff about which I know little.

Take a look at this, which is an initial draft suggestd by Jeremie Koenig:

I will, thanks.

In factthe toolchain-source concept to build a pile of cross-compilers from
one source set has not proved workable in practice. We are looking at other
schemes right now.

(I've built a gcc from 3.2.2cvs20020221 which works for C, C++ but not
kernels and a 3.2.3 which works OK for me on kernels but not others (still
investigating that)
These both come from toolchain source and are available here:
http://www.aleph1.co.uk/armlinux/dists/unstable/ and I'm trying to build gcc 3.3 cross-compiler at the moment ...

I will post my scripts at kegel.com once I've debugged them a bit
more.  They are a basic framework for building a cross toolchain, plus
a way of automatically applying the appropriate platform-specific
patches, so it's quite possible the work you linked to could be folded in.
The result is an easy way to generate exactly the set of compilers
you want from whatever source you want.
- Dan

Dan Kegel

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