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Re: embedded debian package management

Wookey wrote:
I will post my scripts at kegel.com once I've debugged them a bit
more.  They are a basic framework for building a cross toolchain, plus
a way of automatically applying the appropriate platform-specific

That sounds exactly like Debian's toolchain-source package.

Ah, thanks for the pointer.  It does look similar to what I'm
doing, though tangled up with Debian quite a bit more.  Also,
I'm somewhat foolishly parameterizing my patch directories
by tool name and version, so the same script and patch collection
can build various versions of gcc.   I'm going to try importing
the linux-sh project's toolchain patches into my framework,
for instance.  Maybe I'll also import the relevent patches from toolchain-source.

The problem with this was that getting one set of source and patches that
worked for a large number of arches is very difficult. It sounds like a
great idea in practice, and I like it myself, but it's proved sufficiently
troublesome that the maintainer Hakan Ardo is not keen to continue with the
idea - reckoning that a set of cross-compilers each maintained by a
relevant expert is a better bet.
Of course, you don't have to deal with the way packages progress through
the debian archive (versionning is a real problem here), and emdebian
doesn't have to either for it's own purposes so if you're getting something
that works that sounds good to me.

Yep, taking out that aspect probably simplifies things a bit.
- Dan

Dan Kegel

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