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Re: embedded debian package management

On Mon 26 May, Dan Kegel wrote:
> I'm interested in the same stuff.  I have
> a diskless embedded linux compute farm based on various
> strange processors.  I use busybox currently, but haven't
> tried its dpkg yet.  I'm currently working on a unified
> cross-toolchain building script; 

> after that, I might look at how to cross-build debian packages. 

I'd like to see that. I've been doing a lot of messing about with
toolchains at the moment trying to get a nice  gcc-arm-linux package for
debian, and talking to people about debian policy for cross-compilers so
there is consistency across achitectures. I looked at several people's
scripts to see which options and runes were generally agreed upon for
various purposes. I'd be interested in your opinoins, especially for
non-ARM stuff about which I know little.

Take a look at this, which is an initial draft suggestd by Jeremie Koenig:
In factthe toolchain-source concept to build a pile of cross-compilers from
one source set has not proved workable in practice. We are looking at other
schemes right now.

(I've built a gcc from 3.2.2cvs20020221 which works for C, C++ but not
kernels and a 3.2.3 which works OK for me on kernels but not others (still
investigating that) 

These both come from toolchain source and are available here:
and I'm trying to build gcc 3.3 cross-compiler at the moment but I ran out
of disk space - grumble - I just trying to clear out some cruft now before
trying again.

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