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A newcomers enquiries

Gentle Readers
Currently running 'emdebsys-2.1.0+0.6.19'. Upon completion of the 'snp.py' process I receive the following messages
mke2fs    1.27    (8-Mar-2002)
Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "./snp.py", line 1860, in ?
    File "./snp.py",line 1543, in generate_rootfs
    File "./snp.py", line 1144, in build_rootfs_image
        doit("cd %s ; tar czf %s .)" % (cd %s; tar xf- )"%
    File "./snp.py", line 373, in doit
        raise "Command File"
Emdebsys is running on top of Debian 3.x, i386.
To my mind something has gone wrong with when building the 'tar' archive however I am not certain as to what type of archive should be generated at this point. However a review of my target directory does show a compressed tar archive.(Along with a 'image' file) Thus I have several questions - Are the above error messages to be taken seriously; if so what is the suggested corrections ?
Additionally is there a more complete documentation set?
Any guidance or assistance in the above matters would be greatly appreciated
Leighton Schraw
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