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Re: Emdebsys, Snarf 'N Pick

On Mon 24 Mar, Liberty Young wrote:
> The work i've done to put kconfig and LKC into emdebian can be found
> here:
> http://www.embeddedx86.com/~grimiore/emdebian/
> This file includes a patch to emdebsys rel-0.6.19, and a tarball of
> linux-kernel 2.5.64 linux/scripts/kconfig
> The patch should only ADD, leaving one able to use both kconfig and
> cmlconfigure tools. 

This is good stuff - thanx. I'll give it a go and tell you how I get on.

This info would benefit from being tidied up and put in a more accessible
spot. If I can get it working I'll do a new emdebsys release including it
(which has been overdue for a year at least anyway), and include the info
in my howto and the emdebian twiki (this being exactly the sort of thing
that should be in it).

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