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Re: Status of Emdebsys????

On Fri, Mar 14, 2003 at 07:11:08AM -0800, Michael Moedt wrote:
> Just a small correction:
> That link didn't work for me, but when I changed the
> extension, I could find the file.
> http://www.pengutronix.de/software/ptxdist/ptxdist-0.3.19.tgz

Oops, sorry. I probably should agree on one variant :-) 

> I've seen a couple projects that are similar to this project.

I've done a lot of research before I started with the project.
Unfortunately, there are lots of projects which are _similar_ but cannot
be converted to something which is useful for me. 

- Gentoo: looks good and has a huge user base, but the maintainers
  didn't want to see embedded requirements in their system.

- uCLinux: nearly what I want, but one huge packet you always have to
  download, no matter if you need it or not. 

- buildroot: looks best of all what I've seen (and most of my ideas are
  stolen from this one), but does not have a configuration frontend (and
  Erik does not want to have one, I've asked him). 

- Emdebsys: great idea, I would have loved to base my system on debian.
  But CML2 is dead, dead, dead. And my impression was that it only lets
  me configure the minimum system and relies on normal debian packets
  later, which is also not acceptable when you want to put a system into 
  something like 2 MB Flash. I want to configure _the_whole_system_,
  then compile it and, perhaps later, want binary packages from it. 

- Rock Linux: that guys have not been very nice when I asked for
  possibilities to cross-install the system, so I gave up. 

> It might be best to stick with CML2 all the way through.

CML2 is absolutely dead. I wouldn't base a project on it any more. The
new kernel config system has quite a good config file syntax, is well
structured and actively developed. 

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