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RE: Status of Emdebsys????


Just a small correction:
That link didn't work for me, but when I changed the
extension, I could find the file.

I've seen a couple projects that are similar to this
project.  I've looked most deeply at Q-Plus, but it
looks like emdebsys, this project, and the 'Embedded
Linux Workshop' are all trying to come up with the
same kind of solution.  It would be nice to coordinate
or combine our efforts into one project, though that's
probably unlikely.  I suggest keeping in touch with
changes in each of the other projects, and copying the
good ideas from each of them into emdebsys.  Also, it
looks like the Q-Plus project has a utility to convert
the new Kernel Configuration system (LKC) to CML2.
(it's called lkc2cml2, i think.)  It might be best to
stick with CML2 all the way through.

mmoedtAT@vanscoDOT.ca, xemcAT@yahooDOT.com

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On Wed, Mar 12, 2003 at 02:15:57PM +0000, Wookey
> I haven't had time to look at the more recent kernel
config stuff
> (kbuild?) to see if it could be used or not. 

About a year ago I started with emdebsys and had the
impression that the idea was good; as it didn't really
work the way I thought and we needed something to
build our root systems I started something similar
myself, unfortunately without the possibility to use
the debian packet management system. 

Design criteria have been: 

- must be small (no huge downloads like with uCLinux)
- add your .config file, 'make world' and be happy
- kconfig as the configuration system
- must be platform independend

The latest stuff is on 


If somebody wants to have a look. I'm almost sure that
it doesn't work for other constellations than my
PXA250 environment yet, but it surely is supposed to

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