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Re: Status of Emdebsys????

On Wed 12 Mar, Adrian Matellanes wrote:
> I have/had plans to use it in this project http://www.ocera.org. I
> wanted to integrate Linux and Rt-Linux configuration and compilation and
> snp for x86 and StrongArm.

You'll need to make a few changes for the rt-linux part I expect but
otherwise things should mostly work.

Aside: I should mention for those that don't know that emdebsys lets you
pick a set of 'stuff' you want in the system, and will fish the binaries
(and other important files) out of a set of debs you point it at (either
the standard apt list or a local pile if you need different compile options
or software from what debian provides). It can also compile some things
from source - notably the kernel, busybox and uclibc (IIRC).  It also has a
load of rules for making sure that your /etc/ matches up, and finally a bit
to pull in a load of pre-done files for any data or bodging you need.

Rules for more things are simple to add.

Perhaps it's biggest problem is that dependencies are maintained separately
from depian packages, although there is a semi-automatic update. It slowly
get's out of sync with the rest of the kernel and base packages unless it
is maintained. In exchange for that you really do get the smallest
system possible that does the stuff you need (near enough).

> The reason that kernel 2.5 doesnt adopt CML2 (I agree with you that the
> UI is not very nice either) made me study the possibility to adopt qconf
> (used in kernel 2.5) and integrate it, in some way or another with snp
> (which I think is nice and working),

Indeed. The important bit of emdebsys is the snp script which does all the
stuff I described above. The configuration with CML2, whilst convenient, is
not fundamental - anything that can do a similar config task (setting
strings, subsituting them, setting options, working out clashes and
dependencies) could be used.

> etc... I dont know if somebody has explored that approach.

not that I am aware of

> I will check Robert's tool,

Tell us what you find. Lots of people have produced solutions to this
problem for various projects - it'd be nice to get the best bits brought
together - the tuxscreen stuff is another one that has been mentioned as
useful and working.

> though  I think that having compatibility
> with kernel 2.5 would be an apriori long-live indication.


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