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Bug#949537: (no subject) Bug#953397: evil-el: please update to 1.14.0, testing2sid is currently failing Bug#960268: Update to 3.1.0 or newer Bug#960922: O: emacs-jedi -- Python auto-completion for Emacs Bug#961172: Please enable autopkgtests Bug#961435: ITP: ggtags -- improved Emacs interface to GNU GLOBAL ediprolog-el is marked for autoremoval from testing elfeed_3.3.0-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable, unstable elfeed_3.3.0-3_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable elpy_1.34.0-1_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable emacs-anzu_0.63-1_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable emacs-helm-ag_0.59-1_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable find-file-in-project_5.7.10-1_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable ggtags_0.8.13-1_multi.changes is NEW haskell-mode is marked for autoremoval from testing helm_3.6.1-1_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Help/sponsorship needed in upstreaming multiple elpa/melpa packages to debian markdown-mode_2.3+290-1_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable markdown-toc-el_0.1.4-1_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable markdown-toc-el_0.1.5-1_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable minimap-el_1.3-1_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable no-littering-el_1.1.0-1_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable nov-el_0.3.0-1_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable php-elisp_1.23.0-1_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Processed: out-of-sync bugs are already fixed in unstable by default, so can be closed Processed: RFP: afterwriting -- Afterwriting provides post-processing tools for Fountain screenplays Processed: waiting for new and by hands Processed: your mail Processing of elfeed_3.3.0-3_source.changes Processing of elpy_1.34.0-1_source.changes Processing of emacs-anzu_0.63-1_source.changes Processing of emacs-helm-ag_0.59-1_source.changes Processing of find-file-in-project_5.7.10-1_source.changes Processing of ggtags_0.8.13-1_multi.changes Processing of helm_3.6.1-1_source.changes Processing of markdown-mode_2.3+290-1_source.changes Processing of markdown-toc-el_0.1.4-1_source.changes Processing of markdown-toc-el_0.1.5-1_source.changes Processing of minimap-el_1.3-1_source.changes Processing of no-littering-el_1.1.0-1_source.changes Processing of nov-el_0.3.0-1_source.changes Processing of php-elisp_1.23.0-1_source.changes Processing of sxiv-el_0.3.2-1_source.changes Processing of xr-el_1.19-1_source.changes sxiv-el_0.3.2-1_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable xr-el_1.19-1_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable The last update was on 22:40 GMT Thu May 28. There are 57 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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