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Re: Help/sponsorship needed in upstreaming multiple elpa/melpa packages to debian

Thank for the quick reply

On 21.05.2020 00:37, Sean Whitton wrote:
Dear Sławomir,

Thank you for your interest.

You do need a sponsor, and I can sponsor a few of these for you, but not
all of them -- could you list two or three which you think it would be
most useful to have in Debian?


I mostly agree with Nicholas about priorities, my list from the top priority:

scala-mode(however I have to recreate a new repo from gbp-import-dsc and merge/replace my changes so it has to wait maybe a day or a few so you could look at other 3)

dockerfile-mode - there was na RFP for it by other debian user and docker probably could be even more popular than nginx


groovy-emacs-modes - Groovy is not very popular language that's true, but it's used for defining the jobs/configs in Jenkins which probably still is the most popular open source CI solution. Moreover this package contain syntax highlighting for Gradle which is very popular build system for JVM and Android projects(AFAIK it's default build system for Android apps)

docker-compose-mode - compose is not used as often as docker itself but still popular

emacs-ansible - Ansible is very popular too, and there was RFP by other user for it but it's lower on my priority list now because polyansible(I will explain more in 941246 ITP)

On 21.05.2020 01:39, Nicholas D Steeves wrote:

Please tell me what's the process for joining the team or at least the
best way to upstream these packages.
Have you subscribed to this mailing list, and have you requested
membership in our Salsa group?

Haven't noticed request membership link on salsa group before, done that now.

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