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Re: GPL V2 and GPLv3

Toby Speight <T.M.Speight.90@cantab.net> wrote:

> 0> In article <[🔎] 87veap10sm.fsf@blp.benpfaff.org>,
> 0> Ben L. Pfaff <URL:mailto:blp@cs.stanford.edu> ("Ben") wrote:
> Ben> I think that you may be confusing GPLv3 and the GFDL.  The GFDL
> Ben> is the license with optional Invariant Sections.  The GPLv3 does
> Ben> not have any concept with that name.
> Absolutely right - I was.  Thanks for pointing this out.  It's a while
> since I've had to consider which license to use for my code!
> In this case, as Miles pointed out, it's such a small contribution
> that I'm happy to re-license as necessary (as determined by the other
> branch of this thread!).



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