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Re: GPL V2 and GPLv3

0> In article <[🔎] 6029.1188960158@mixed.dyndns.org>,
0> Peter S. Galbraith <URL:mailto:psg@debian.org> ("Peter") wrote:

Peter> For the source emacs-goodies-el package, the only files affected are:
Peter> ,----
Peter> | ;;; home-end.el --- Alternative Home and End commands.
Peter> | ;; Copyright 1996 Kai Grossjohann and Toby Speight
Peter> | ;; Copyright 2002 Toby Speight
Peter> `----

(N.B. my email address has changed since authoring the above file!)

I believe I chose GPL v2 for the above (I have a healthy distrust of
making commitments to future unknowns).  Is it fair to say that GPL v3
with no Invariant Sections is reasonably closely equivalent to GPL v2?
If so, I'm happy to change to (or allow as an option) GPL v3, should
Kai also agree.

Could someone explain what part of v2 prevents such code from being
distributed for use in Emacs 22?

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