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Re: New from emacs-snapshot

>>>>>  JM == Jérôme Marant [2005-4-30]

JM> You have two branches, -devo and -dgms. Which one should I register?

dgms is my hack branch, where I do commits; devo is a tag only branch,
which is always (hopefully) in a consistent state (ready-to-build), and
is the one I use as the reference branch to build a specific package

JM> I will surely include it.


JM> I'm offering you a way to give back :-)

Ok, now I got it. :-)

JM> The objective of emacs-snapshot is twofold:
JM> 1/ offering users the bleading edge Emacs since there are no upstream
JM> releases very often

JM> 2/ preparing the next upstream release. Here I come:
JM> make-dist is the way upstream tarballs are generated. So, generating
JM> packages from this tarball is a better way to find out blocking problems
JM> with a release ASAP. Then we can report them upstream instead of
JM> discovering them very late.
JM> You would not see those problem if you created packages directly from
JM> the CVS checkout.

While I am mostly interested in 1/ (as well as in having my own emacsen
packages work cleanly with emacs-snapshot), if time permits I will try
2/ as well to see if there are any problems.

BTW, I think the issue of /usr/local/ in load-path is a major one to
allow emacsen add-on packages to install correctly.  However, for the
moment I fail to understand why that path gets added correctly on
emacs21 while it fails to do so on emacs-snapshot; I resorted to the
01-emacs-snapshot-fixes.el hack myself.

Salve, Davide

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