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New from emacs-snapshot


I've updated emacs-snapshot and integrated remarks from testers (thanks Kai,
Sébastien and all other I forgot).

emacs-snapshot is now maintained in a Arch archive, by the means of
the bazaar implementation, available in Debian (personal note: I would
have prefered a less painful SCM but Rob and I decided to use it a
long time ago. I hope to switch to a better one --like Bazaar-NG--in
the long run, or use Darcs in the short run which works fine despite
its well-known flaws). The archive is located at:


I wrote a build-emacs-snapshot.sh script, available at
http://people.debian.org/~jerome/ which automatically builds Debian
packages from a distribution tarball extracted with 'make-dist' from a
CVS checkout and the Debian packaging from the Arch archive.

You will need to apply the attached patch to make-dist (patch sent upstream
but the FSF is moving this week-end) until it gets integrated.

>From now on, I think daily snapshot can be easily generated. However,
I have no doubt that bootstrap will often failed since people almost
never attempt to bootstrap from the distribution tarball (the reason
for my make-dist patch).

An open discussion is whether/how to make it available in Debian
(unstable, experimental, stagging area, ...). Please comment :-)

Please report any problem in this mailing-list.



PS: It could be nice to have the same kind of infrastructure for XEmacs.

--- ChangeLog.orig	2005-04-29 22:07:02.000000000 +0200
+++ ChangeLog	2005-04-30 10:37:44.206768056 +0200
@@ -1,3 +1,10 @@
+2005-04-29  Jérôme Marant  <jerome@marant.org>
+	* make-dist: Remove any reference to makefile.nt and
+	makefile.def.
+	Properly install etc subdirectories.
+	Do not remove ldefs-boot.el.
 2005-04-23  Andreas Schwab  <schwab@suse.de>
 	* configure.in: Remove duplicate match for powerpc configuration.
--- make-dist.orig	2005-04-29 21:59:44.000000000 +0200
+++ make-dist	2005-04-30 10:37:52.198553120 +0200
@@ -321,7 +321,9 @@
 	      leim/SKK-DIC leim/ja-dic leim/quail \
 	      src src/m src/s src/bitmaps lib-src oldXMenu lwlib \
 	      nt nt/inc nt/inc/sys nt/inc/arpa nt/inc/netinet nt/icons \
-	      etc etc/e info man msdos vms mac mac/inc mac/inc/sys \
+	      etc etc/e etc/images etc/images/gnus etc/images/smilies \
+	      etc/tree-widget etc/tree-widget/default etc/tree-widget/folder \
+	      info man msdos vms mac mac/inc mac/inc/sys \
 	      mac/src mac/Emacs.app mac/Emacs.app/Contents \
 	      mac/Emacs.app/Contents/MacOS mac/Emacs.app/Contents/Resources \
@@ -349,7 +351,6 @@
  test -f README && ln README ../${tempdir}/lisp
  (cd ../${tempdir}/lisp
   rm -f TAGS =*
-  rm -f ldefs-boot.el
   rm -f site-init site-init.el site-init.elc
   rm -f site-load site-load.el site-load.elc
   rm -f site-start site-start.el site-start.elc
@@ -396,7 +397,7 @@
 echo "Making links to \`leim' and its subdirectories"
 ### Don't distribute TAGS, or =*.el files.
 (cd leim
- ln makefile.nt makefile.w32-in ../${tempdir}/leim
+ ln makefile.w32-in ../${tempdir}/leim
  ln ChangeLog README ../${tempdir}/leim
  ln CXTERM-DIC/*.tit ../${tempdir}/leim/CXTERM-DIC
@@ -443,7 +444,7 @@
  ln README ChangeLog ChangeLog.*[0-9] ../${tempdir}/src
- ln makefile.nt makefile.w32-in ../${tempdir}/src
+ ln makefile.w32-in ../${tempdir}/src
  ln .gdbinit .dbxinit ../${tempdir}/src
  cd ../${tempdir}/src
  rm -f config.h epaths.h Makefile Makefile.c
@@ -466,7 +467,7 @@
 (cd lib-src
  ln [a-zA-Z]*.[chy] ../${tempdir}/lib-src
  ln ChangeLog Makefile.in README testfile vcdiff ../${tempdir}/lib-src
- ln grep-changelog rcs2log rcs-checkin makefile.nt ../${tempdir}/lib-src
+ ln grep-changelog rcs2log rcs-checkin ../${tempdir}/lib-src
  ln makefile.w32-in ../${tempdir}/lib-src
  ## If we ended up with a symlink, or if we did not get anything
  ## due to a cross-device symlink, copy the file.
@@ -492,7 +493,7 @@
 (cd nt
  ln emacs.rc config.nt [a-z]*.c ../${tempdir}/nt
  ln nmake.defs gmake.defs subdirs.el ../${tempdir}/nt
- ln [a-z]*.bat [a-z]*.h makefile.def makefile.nt ../${tempdir}/nt
+ ln [a-z]*.bat [a-z]*.h ../${tempdir}/nt
  ln ChangeLog INSTALL README makefile.w32-in ../${tempdir}/nt)
 echo "Making links to \`nt/inc'"
@@ -563,7 +564,8 @@
 ### tex litter.
 ### Don't distribute gfdl.1, since no man page references it.
 (cd etc
- files=`ls -d * | grep -v CVS | grep -v RCS | grep -v 'Old' | grep -v '^e$'`
+ files=`ls -d * | grep -v CVS | grep -v RCS | grep -v 'Old' | grep -v '^e$' \
+        | grep -v '^images$' | grep -v '^tree-widget$'`
  ln $files ../${tempdir}/etc
  ## If we ended up with a symlink, or if we did not get anything
  ## due to a cross-device symlink, copy the file.
@@ -592,6 +594,15 @@
  cd ../../${tempdir}/etc/e
  rm -f *~ \#*\# *,v =* core)
+for dir in etc/images/gnus etc/images/smilies \
+           etc/tree-widget/default etc/tree-widget/folder ; do
+    echo "Making links to \`${dir}'"
+    (cd ${dir}
+     ln `ls -d * | grep -v CVS | grep -v RCS` ../../../${tempdir}/${dir}
+     cd ../../../${tempdir}/${dir}
+     rm -f *~ \#*\# *,v =* core)
 echo "Making links to \`info'"
 # Don't distribute backups or autosaves.
 (cd info
Jérôme Marant

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