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Re: New from emacs-snapshot

>>>>>  JM == Jérôme Marant [2005-4-30]

JM> Hi, I've updated emacs-snapshot and integrated remarks from testers
JM> (thanks Kai, Sébastien and all other I forgot).


JM> emacs-snapshot is now maintained in a Arch archive, by the means of
JM> the bazaar implementation, available in Debian (personal note: I would
JM> have prefered a less painful SCM but Rob and I decided to use it a
JM> long time ago. I hope to switch to a better one --like Bazaar-NG--in
JM> the long run, or use Darcs in the short run which works fine despite
JM> its well-known flaws). The archive is located at:

JM> http://people.debian.org/~jerome/arch/jerome@debian.org--2005

I have a branch of your archive at


where I made some patches to allow the package to build with latest (as
of yesterday) CVS checkouts.  The problem I had with your archive is
(primary) that the misc-unseparated.dpatch was not up-to-date, causing
dpatch to fail.  I started by disabling dpatch, just to see if things
would have been right otherwise, then I fixed that patch and enabled it

You might want to take a look at it, and see if you would want to merge
it back.  (There is also a small fix in the rules file (use [:space:]
instead of an explicit list of [<SPACE><TAB>], if nothing else it will
help emacs not to mess up whenever whitespace-cleanup is used), along
with some insignificant white space differences.)

I'm not sure if I understood correctly how to make use of your package,
though.  This is what I do:

  - cvs checkout of emacs
  - tla get of your debian directory in emacs/debian
  - fakeroot dpkg-buildpackage

What would be the advantages of make-dist, along with
build-emacs-snapshot and your make-dist patch?

JM> An open discussion is whether/how to make it available in Debian
JM> (unstable, experimental, stagging area, ...). Please comment :-)

Please do.  I think experimental would be the right place, at least for
a while.

JM> Enjoy.

Thank you so much for your work!

Salve, Davide

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