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Re: emacs.app for GNUstep for debian

Mikhail Gusarov <gusarov@gorodok.net> writes:

> You (jerome.marant@free.fr) wrote:
> JM> Emacs has never been dependent on any desktop environment so far
> JM> (KDE, GNOME, XFCE) and current Emacs packages work fine on all
> JM> those environments.
> Treat it as the toolkit, like Emacs/gtk or Emacs/xaw.

I'm not sure it is just a toolkit. The Webpage says:

"This port offers superior platform support for MacOS X and GNUstep,
including full desktop integration (dock, drag/drop, etc.), standard
keybindings, use of standard Font, Color, and File open/save panels,
and support for Services. Via GNUstep, it provides anti-aliased font
rendering on Linux and other Unix systems."

Jérôme Marant

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